Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Festivities

We had an enjoyable Thanksgiving dinner at Mom and Dad's place this year. My Grandpa Berger is staying in Lake Benton for several weeks, so we were able to visit him as well. Each of my parents children was able to visit at least part of the the weekend, which it nice, as we rarely ALL get together at the same time.

We enjoyed Theresa's Sugar Free (all though not intended to be) berry pie and Christin's suprisingly tangy Cranberry Compote. The biggest hits of the weekend were Michael's smoked pork loin and Brenda Nectarine's Cranberry-horse radish sauce with cream cheese on crackers! Gotta try it!

After dinner we trekked on over to the playground for KICKBALL! We played adults vs kids which turned out to be about right, although Brenda abandoned ship and joined the kids' team half way through. In the end the game was a success as no one was injured (permanently) and everyone had fun.

Darci was chosen MVP for twice catching a hard-kicked popfly and taking a line-drive to the chest and not missing even a half an inning. Steve had the best day at the plate with two near-homers and once almost making a basket. Cory was nearly ejected for a technical foul when he beaned Dad in the head, but he was properly remorseful and all was forgiven. Brenda Nectarine got the bully award for smacking Skylar in the head when all she was doing was trying to play third base!

More highlights at 10!

Blessed Thanksgiving!


At 10:14 AM, Blogger Jen said...

Hi Todd-
Not sure if you realize it or not, but it's January! Wanna update your blog, PULEEEEZE!!!!

Happy New Year!
Love to all!



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