Tuesday, September 12, 2006

1st Day of School

School has started, and fortunately, the kids did NOT miss the bus... because we are HOME-SCHOOLING. It is going quite well; and the kids seem to enjoy it too. There are a LOT of homeschoolers in the Marshall/Pipestone area. So many that MACHEA (Marshall Area Christian Homeschool Educators Association) divided into 3 subgroups, and we can pick and choose in which activities we would like to participate. They meet the 1st & 3rd Friday and the other group meets the 2nd Friday of each month, so by the end of the week we can do some real active learning. We are doing Geography, Phy.Ed., Music, Drama, Spanish, and Biology with this group. We are going to disect a bunch of animals and the groups are multi-age (K to 12th) so there is a lot of learning from eachother as well.

It is always busy here though. We are canning one last round of apples before our other tree ripens with the first frost. I have never seen so much applesauce!!! Fortunately it will be eaten.

Isaiah cannot walk yet, but sure tries. He gets into everything, and when any door is even slightly open, it is a race to see if he can get there before anyone closes it. Then when he gets there, he stops to see if you are going to try to stop him, and then he enjoys throwing a little tantrum, head banging on the floor and everything!!!

Today, DJ taugh him to hold his nose and make noises, and Isaiah just loved it. I think he could tell his voice sounded different, it lasted for more than a half an hour I think.


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