Friday, March 02, 2007

Climbing and fixing

Isaiah is a climber, and climb he does. We should have seen this coming when, at 14 month, before he could even walk, he would race to the stairway and start climbing them any time the door was left open.

He still enjoys climbing stairs, and has figured out how to climb down; he climbs on boxes, stools, and pails; he climbs the backs of chairs and couches, and will stand on one chair to climb onto another. He also much prefers climbing onto and standing on the kitchen table rather than sitting down at it!

His latest climbing conquest is the top bunk-bed... Our bunk beds have the vertical ladder attached to the side of the bed, and after only 2 attempts, Isaiah triumphantly made it to the top and squealed to let everyone know about it! Getting down will require more work!

Isaiah's excitement after climbing onto and standing, unassisted, on the plastic bucket which stores his brothers' LEGOs!

Helping Dad fix the vacuum cleaner.

Isaiah also enjoys tools and toolboxes (or more accurately, any he is enamored with any container that he can try to open which may contain something interesting to play with or to eat) i.e:
  • cereal boxes
  • zippers
  • kitchen drawers
  • cardboard boxes
  • dresser drawers
  • plastic ziploc baggies
  • shampoo bottles
  • you get the picture
And, if he can't open himself whatever it is he wants opened, he will let you know (under no uncertain terms) with a shout and the sign for "open!" that he wants you to open for him.


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