Wednesday, February 14, 2007

3 out of 4 kids approve...

On a recent grocery-getting excursions, I happened upon something new and intriguing... Varigated Vegies!

HyVee (my favorite grocery store—and there IS a helpful smile in almost every aisle, and) had, on sale no less, 4 different colors of cauliflower! It was so cool!!! I bought a head of each color so we could see how we like each one.

What we found:
  • Traditional white cauliflower—tried and true, but a bit boring, and you can only wear it after Memorial Day
  • Greenish-yellow cauliflower—like the recent hybrid 'brocci-flower' a pale green to green-yellow-white, we've seen this before
  • Pale orange cauliflower—appealing color, has a creamy look to it, orange extending all down the stem
  • Deep purple cauliflower—vivid and dark, with only some color extending into stems, definitely the best color because with the exception of eggplant, there are no purple vegetables

    The mixture of all 4 colors in a bowl had great visual appeal, but how did they taste? [Results forthcoming!] You can see each color on the plates below.
    Try them yourself and let us know what you think, as we are doing a survey. Which color do you like the best?

    Can you guess which 3 like it and which 1 didn't?